The making of the triptych of the end of the world as described in the book of Revelation

Start of Babylon (ch 17&18) for the 2017 exhibition

'The Uncommon Market

First oils on Babylon and positioning of all chapters

in egg tempera

The four horses, Jesus amongst the lampstands and the angels with the 7 bowls

Detail on the four corners, from top left anti-clockwise: one of the four angels holding back the winds, the first Beatitude, the dragon put away for 1000 years, the 7th Beatitude

Sketching the opening of the 6th seal (ch 6:12:17) and the fight of Michael and the dragon (ch12)

First angels with trumpets and the beginning of the woman and the dragon

Most chapters are roughly in place.

Still working mainly in egg tempera

Introduction of Babylon's house of cards and

the throne of the beast (ch 13:2)

More detail in the throne room (ch 4), the army of the 6th trumpet (ch 9:13-21) and the beheaded saints going to their thrones (ch 20) and onto the wedding feast

In the centre of the Triptych there is now a wall in bas-relief depicting the scene of the story of the two witnesses.

Time to dot the i's and cross the t's...