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The Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower


Title: The Ivory Tower
An imaginary place high above the ordinary world. The picture is very literal. The tower is ivory coloured. The writing is on the wall. Dark clouds and storm birds are gathering. Time, a man in a white suit holding an egg-timer, is running out. There is an exhibition of peas being held in the ivory tower. The single peas are displayed on pedestals, repeating the beauty and isolation of a small vegetable. A child has picked up one of the peas and fires it into the public with a pea-shooter. Behind him on the wall is a painting of the emperor’s new clothes. An artist, who doesn’t have a leg to stand on, is being wheeled into the centre of the bull’s eye floor by critics and media. The man in the dark suit is using the language which can make almost nothing into something.
Giclée print size – width mm x height mm: 675 x 545
Other print sizes available, please contact me for details or special requests.

Prices are for a single unframed print, sold unmounted, rolled and shipped
Turn around from ordering to delivery one week. Shipped carefully in an art tube.

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