Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business


Title: Unfinished Business

From left to right: Faith walks confidently over the water towards Flora and Fauna. Behind her Renewal throws a bucket of red paint over the black-and-white floor (red on black and white symbolises renewal). Children are happily making hand and footprints with the red paint. A clown is putting on a brave face before moving into the crowd. Another clown is moving carefully, closely followed by a puffin.Prudence on a pogo-stick finds she can be just as fast as the rat race behind her, but in a much more fun way.A little boy has found a (calming) chamomile flower among the chaos.Love has come to help Flora and Fauna. Her white dress has all the colours of the rainbow in it and the red thread coming from Patience’s cloth weaves in and out of her. Near Flora’s head grow poppies in disturbed earth.Already there is a hole in Fauna’s endangered species dress and she fears that others may follow.Behind her Fortitude is carrying all sorts of things that, though perhaps small or seemingly insignificant, can make a world of difference when they fall into place: a smile, an ear, a love that has survived many years, time to read, green transport, finding your own golden egg or just a silver lining to a cloud. The fish is back in the river of hope, which runs through the world. Self-righteousness in his own bubble won’t get his feet wet and crosses the river on his own bridge, made out of trampled culture. A little girl has found a calendula to help with the healing of wounds, while in the background the rat race runs out of time and fights for a place on the ladders.Hope waters the olive tree of peace, sitting on a wall of blocks of crushed metal. Drops of water refresh the burning skies and fill the river. A well-meaning woman with a chip on her shoulder wades knee deep through it.Patience knits her metal threads into a vast cloth and her friend Humility is waiting with a knitting needle to pop Self-righteousness’s bubble.Time is sitting on the hands of a clock, stopping it in order to smell a sprig of thyme. Taking his last bow a clown spreads his arms and links this world to the next.Expectation knocks on the door. Below in the metal waste lies Laziness watching soaps on a broken television. The composition through all three panels is a smile in spite of it all.
Giclée print size – width mm x height mm: 380 x 200
Other print sizes available, please contact me for details or special requests.

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