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May 2022 Exhibition

a charcoal drawing on paper of three rooks, flying out of a gold frame against a blue sky with clouds.
Out of the blue

Rocks, Rooks & Threads

That the birds of care and worry fly above your head, this you cannot change. But that they build nests in your hair – this you can prevent.

St Andrew’s will feature a playful and unorthodox hanging of drawings and paintings by Annelies Clarke, paintings by Nick Gardner, mixed media artworks by Rebecca Angel.


Sat 7 & Sun 8

Sat 14 & Sun 15

Sat 21 & Sun 22

Sat 28 & Sun 29

May 2022

11:30am - 4:30pm

St Andrews Church, Church Road,

Hove, BN3 2AD

St Andrew's is now part of Hove arts trail, for more information please visit

or look in the May 2022 AOH brochure.

For more information please contact Annelies Clarke on


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