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September 2022 Exhibition

a painting illustrating the book of Revelation in the Bible
About Time, egg tempera and oil on panel, 2.44 x 1.6m

The Dragon and the Lamb

An exhibition of paintings about the last book in the Bible, the book of Revelation.

St Andrews Church, Church Road,

Hove, BN3 2AD

Morning services 10am with sermons relating to Revelation

Exhibition OPEN 11:30am - 4:30pm

Talks and Q&As at 2pm


Revd Dan Henderson

Painter Annelies Clarke

Paul Young - Off The Fence

Theologian Revd Dr Ian Paul

Sept 2022

Sun 4 Annelies Clarke video talk 'The Dragon and the Lamb'

Sun 11 Paul Young on Revelation

Sun 18 Video talk Annelies Clarke 'Good Heavens!'

Sun 25 Video talk Annelies Clarke 'The churches in the picture'

You can watch my 3 video talks under 'videos' on my website or click here

Oct 2022

Sun 2nd Ian Paul - Revelation: The most christian book of the New Testament?

For more information please contact Annelies Clarke on


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